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Submitting support tickets to Symantec

Online Help

The Case Management page enables you to find helpful troubleshooting information, contact options, videos, and other support resources.

The page also includes a link to create support tickets and lists your support cases, which you can track, filter, and manage.

Only customers who are provisioned through the Symantec eStore can open support cases themselves. Customers of Managed Service Providers, traditional resellers, and Symantec salespeople are directed to the correct resources on the Case Management page.

To open a support ticket

  1. In the top right of the management console banner, in your email address drop-down, click My Profile.

  2. In the Case Management page, click Create Support Ticket.

  3. In the Create Support Ticket dialog box, use the Subject line to create a useful title for the support case.

  4. In the Description text box, provide enough detail to direct the matter to the support personnel best qualified to resolve the matter.

    When you have finished describing the issue, click Submit.

    Your newly submitted ticket appears in the ticket listing section.