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Performing actions on multiple computers

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An administrator can move computers, run scans, update virus definitions, or delete computers simultaneously on multiple computers, computers belonging to a group, or on all of an organization's groups.

Update virus definitions require adequate disk space to run successfully. Please ensure that your computers have 1 GB of available disk space to avoid update failures. Also, computers must be online to run a Quick Scan, a Full Scan, or to Update Virus Definitions.

To perform actions on multiple computers

  1. Log into your account.

  2. On the Computers page, in the left pane, select the applicable filters. For example: you can select a group and all computers that needs attention.

    The computers matching the filter options are displayed in the list pane.

  3. You can select all computers or only the computers you want to perform an action on.

  4. Select Move Computers, Quick Scan, Full Scan, or Update Virus Definitions, or Delete Computers.

  5. SEP SBE cloud then dispatches the action to all of the computers that are connected when the action is performed.

See Deleting computers, a group, or a group of computers from your account