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Configuring Smart Firewall

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Smart Firewall rules enable an administrator to tailor firewall security to the needs of their organization through custom policies. The smart firewall is not a boundary firewall device at the edge of an organization's network. Smart firewall resides on and defends endpoint computers individually based on policies for groups of computers.

Smart Firewall is part of the Network Protection settings for desktops & laptops in any policy you create for your organization. It monitors the communications between your computer and other computers on the Internet. It also protects endpoint computers from common security problems such as:

Improper connection attempts

Warns you of connection attempts from other computers and of attempts by programs on your computer to connect to other computers

Port scans

Cloaks the inactive ports on your computer thereby providing protection against attacks through hacking techniques such as port scanning


Monitors the network traffic to or from your computer for suspicious behavior and stops any attack before they threaten your system

Smart Firewall has four configuration controls:

  • User can disable Firewall to allow users to disable the firewall a specified time period

    • 15 minutes

    • one hour

    • 5 hours

    • Until the system restarts

  • Report Blocked Events to deliver firewall activity to your reporting database

  • Firewall Rules to enable administrators to create rules suitable for their organization

  • Program Control to simplify rule making for Agent-discovered programs.

The User can disable Firewall and Report Blocked Events check boxes turn a control on or off. Firewall Rules and Program Control provide additional configuration options.