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Sending users a procedure explaining their download invitations

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SEP SBE cloud provides a method for you to allow your users to download and install the cloud agent themselves. Users are authorized for the download by the email address they enter during installation. The download invitation does not give them access to your SEP SBE cloud account.

The invitation that is delivered to users provides only a link to the download and no explicit instructions. We encourage you to:

  • Inform the users receiving download invitations of the importance of your endpoint protection strategy.

  • Provide invited users with the proxy information necessary for a successful installation (if necessary).

  • Include this procedure to minimize the number of questions you receive about the installation.

To install SEP SBE cloud on to your computer

  1. Open your email application and look for an email from Symantec alerting service with the subject line: agent download. Download and open it.

    If you cannot find the email, check your email application's Spam folder.

  2. Click the link in the invitation email. The file download process begins.

    The antivirus products and firewall products that are installed on your computer must be removed from your computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection.

  3. The dialog box gives you the option to Run or Save the file. Click Run.

  4. When the SymantecExtractor.exe file download is complete, you are asked for permission to Run the software. Click Run.

  5. The Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition installer opens. It gives you the status of the installer and permits you to change the installation folder. Click Next.

  6. Configure your proxy settings if required. Click Next.

  7. When the installation progress screen appears, click Install.

  8. When the overall progress is complete, the SEP SBE cloud components are installed. Click Next.

  9. When the success screen appears, uncheck the Launch Website check box and click Finish.

  10. In most cases, your SEP SBE cloud installation is automatically added to your organization's list of protected computers.